Genuine testimonials from clients of Elite Tutorials

1) Tutor: Clare, St. Albans, Hertfordshire 

Tutor of Eleven Plus, Maths to GCSE and Primary level English.

Testimonial for 11+ preparation by Clare for Parmiters entrance test:

“ I engaged Clare as a tutor for my son for about a year, to prepare for entrance exams (11+) for Parmiters school.

My son and Clare hit it off immediately. He was successful in obtaining a place at Parmiters School. She never left before a concept was grasped. Clare managed to explain complex ideas very well. I found her to have a warm personality, tremendous sense of fun as well as being very efficient and organised.” 
Mrs S, St. Albans, Herts

2) Tutor: Bernadette, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire 

Tutor of : English at all levels up to to A Level, 7+, 11+ , 13+ and Primary level English and Maths

Testimonial for GSCE English tuition by Bernadette:

“Bernadette has tutored my son for English Language and Media Studies at GCSE level, since September 2012. His target grade was D. In his most recent controlled assessment he achieved an A. His English teacher said the turnaround is incredible. My son said he learnt more with Bernadette since September than he had at school. Her subject knowledge is fantastic. She was able to engage with my rather shy son. He has grown to like the subject and is enthusiastic about it now.” 

Mrs D, Bushey, Herts

3) Tutor: Peter, Watford, Hertfordshire 

Tutor of : English at all levels up to ‘A’ level, 11+ and 13+ entrance preparation, as well as KS2 and KS3 English and Maths.

(a) Testimonial for 13+ entrance preparation by Peter for Berkhamsted Collegiate School

“ Peter was a pleasure to have as a tutor for my son. He was punctual, reliable, knowledgeable and most importantly instilled a confidence and enthusiasm in my son that helped him sit and pass his entrance exam.” 

Mr W, St. Albans, Herts

(b) Testimonial for11+ entrance preparation by Peter for St. Albans Boys and St. Columbus St. Albans- result : student passed both 11+ exams.

“ Peter was a conscientious and thorough English tutor to my 10 year old son. I’m confident that Peter contributed to my son’s success in his 11+ exams.” 

Mrs A, St Albans, Herts

4) Tutor : Marisa, Radlett, Hertfordshire 

Tutor of : 11+ entrance preparation , Primary English and Maths, French at all levels up to GCSE level and Spanish at all levels up to ‘A’ level.

Testimonial for 11+ entrance preparation by Marissa Ferre for St. Albans High School for Girls:

“ Marisa Ferre is helping my daughter to get ready for her 11 + entrance exams. She has tutored my daughter in Maths and English for the past year, helping her become more confident and focusing in on the topics that she has needed to work on. The tuition with Marissa has also definitely helped to get her grades up at school as well. My daughter has really enjoyed her lessons with Marisa. l can highly recommend her to other parents” 

Mrs F, Brookmans Park, Herts

5) Tutor: Dejanka 

Tutor of : Maths and Physics at all levels up to ‘A’ level, as well as Science at Key Stage 3 level.

Testimonial for GCSE Maths preparation by Dejanka:

“We found Dejanka extremely capable, very knowledgeable and passionate about her subject matter. Our reason for finding a tutor was that although my son was very capable , he lacked confidence in himself. After his first session with Dejanka, my son proclaimed , “Mum, she is a genius !”. Within 6 weeks with Dejanka, he topped his Maths set in school in the Mock Year 11 exam , and was 2 marks short of an A*. He now has increased confidence in Maths, and has decided to take ‘A’ level Maths. Dejanka has now also become a family friend. I would not hesitate in recommending Dejanka to any parent as a GCSE Maths tutor.”

Mrs Q, Felden, Herts

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6) Tutor: Oliver (Potters Bar, Herts.) 

Tutor of : Maths at all levels up to ‘A’ level, Physics at all levels up to ‘A’ level, Science at KS3 level, French at all levels up to GCSE level and Electronics at all levels up to Degree level.

Testimonial for Year 8 Maths tuition by Oliver :

“ Oliver’s explanations and teaching methods are great and very helpful for my daughter. Oliver has a very good understanding of Maths and teaches it well. He is always punctual and flexible with lesson times. As a result of the tuitions, my daughter has improved in her Maths level at school and is more confident in the subject. Elite Tutorials have also been very helpful in finding tutors for us” 

Dr. K, Welwyn Garden City, Herts

7) Tutor: Mayank (Stoke-on-Trent) 

Tutor of : Biology at all levels up to Degree level, Chemistry at all levels up to ‘A’ level, General Science at all levels up to GCSE level and Maths at all levels up to ‘A’ level.

Testimonial for Year 8 Science and Maths tuition by Mayank:

“Mayank has very good knowledge of the subject and is extremely good at explaining it in a way that my daughter understands it best. My daughter has said that the tuitions have been incredibly useful. Mayank is also very punctual and reliable. As a result of Mayank’s tuition, she has improved greatly in both Maths and Science, and this has been noticed by her school.”

Dr. K, Welwyn Garden City, Herts