Tuition rates

One to one tuition rates – all subjects: 

Beds, Bucks, Cambridge, Essex, Herts, London, Shropshire (including Telford & Shrewsbury), Suffolk & Wiltshire

Minimum feeMaximum fee
Primary level
Years 1 to 6
Key Stage 3
Years 7 to 9
7+, 11+ and 13+ entrance £30£33
GCSE level£30£33
‘A’ level£32£40
Degree level£35£45

Please note the above prices are the usual fee range for our tutors.

Some of the most highly experienced tutors, may charge very slightly more than the maximum fee.

Also, these prices do not include travel fees, if the tutor travels to your home. The travel fee is usually between £3 and £6 depending on the distance of travel. If you travel to the tutor therefore, the above minimum and maximum fees are the final price.

Small Group Tuition

As well as one to one tuition, we also offer small groups tuition in groups of two or three, at greatly reduced tuition rates (please see below for pricing).

Small group lessons offer a cost effective alternative for parents to one to one tuition.

Many of our tutors are experienced at teaching in these groups of two or three, and in most of these small group sessions in the past students have still made significant progress in this setting. You can either bring two or three of your own children to these sessions, or combine with a friend’s child.

We also provide a service where we can put your child into a group session with another family’s child, where they want their child to be taught in a small group setting.

2 children groups£17.50 per hour per child
3 children groups£14 per hour per child

All the above tuition rates whether 1-2-1 or Small Groups selected are based on the client traveling to the tutor. If the tutor travels to the client there will be a small fee for travel costs (which will be the cost of petrol included).

Payments should be made at the end of each lesson by cheque, cash or Internet payment.