Jonathan: tutor profile

Location: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire 

Will travel up to 15 miles (including Hatfield, Stevenage, Harpenden, Potters Bar, Hertford and St Albans), or will tutor at his own home.

Expert subjects: Science, Maths, English & Psychology

Jonathan: tutor profile. Location: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Expert subjects: Science, Maths, English & Psychology

Subjects and levels covered: 

Biology and Chemistry (at KS3, GCSE, ‘A’ level , degree level), Psychology (‘A’ level and degree level), Physics (KS3, GCSE ), English and Maths (both at KS2, KS3, GCSE), 11+ and 13+ entrance preparation


Degree in Experimental Psychology and Biochemistry (2.1) from Oxford University; TEFL Teaching Certificate

I started in tuition just after I left Oxford University in 1991. I have helped many people get into university and colleges and get onto courses and get the grades that they want. I enjoy seeing the development of my students and leading them to success.

I have built up my knowledge and experience of the subjects that I teach over many years. That, along with the consistent positive results and success of my students, is where my confidence comes from.

Having travelled widely and married someone from a different culture, I maintain an interest in those from different cultures. My degree dissertation was on the topic of Child Development and I have kept that interest over the years.

I have written 3 books; all of which are available on Kindle; ‘A Question of Biology’ – a Biology companion A level textbook; ‘Karim and the Secret of the Stones’ – an adventure story for teenagers; and ‘1994; The Very Last Lennon Interview’ – a mock interview with John Lennon.

I now continue the work I began 20 years ago; in tutoring across the whole curriculum to students of different abilities and cultures, helping them on their way. I always get students calling me in August to tell me how much they appreciated my help in getting their grades – that makes it all worthwhile.

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